Corporate Divorce: Unwinding A Partnership, Dealing With Debt And Disputes

When a corporation or business partnership dissolves, executives face challenges reminiscent of a divorce between spouses — rights, responsibilities and assets must be clearly divided. Yet, these complex separations can also create legal and financial issues that affect employees, shareholders and even creditors.

Located in Fitchburg, Nickless, Phillips and O'Connor, guides clients through the process of corporate divorce with personal service that ensures concerns are addressed thoroughly and promptly. Our skilled attorneys walk clients through every step of the process, advising on applicable business law, protecting their rights and helping them lay the foundation they need for their next venture.

Dedicated Advocacy For Partnership And Corporation Dissolution

With more than 80 years of combined legal experience and a strong work ethic at our core, we make a commitment to see clients through even the most complex legal challenges involving:

Our primary focus is helping clients achieve their goals through equitable, timely resolution to the difficult issues presented by corporate divorce. Whether we are protecting our clients' rights during negotiations or advocating vigorously on their behalf in the courtroom, our unwavering pursuit of success gives clients the edge they need to achieve success.

Obtain Needed Legal Guidance

Dividing a business or closing a company involves tough decisions and conflict. We will be there to protect your interests at each step and answer all of your questions that arise.

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