Strategic Navigation Of Municipal Law Issues

Municipalities face a wide range of unique legal issues. As community leaders strive to make the best decisions possible for local citizens, businesses and the community overall, it is important for them to have the counsel of an experienced municipal law attorney.

At Nickless, Phillips and O'Connor, a local Fitchburg, Massachusetts, law firm, we serve as consultants to municipalities throughout the area, advising them on major projects or complex legal issues. Our representation can resolve conflicts early in the process and obtain positive results in a timely manner for clients.

Our attorneys are known for their relentless work ethic and personal client service. We work closely with government officials and citizens who are concerned about local issues. With more than 80 years of combined legal experience, we have the insight and perspective necessary to provide the effective legal counsel that municipalities need.

Types Of Issues We Handle

Our team of skilled lawyers is proactive in helping community leaders strategically manage issues involving:

  • Zoning ordinances and bylaws
  • Land use regulations
  • Charter review and revision
  • Business licensing
  • Development plans

We also consult with elected and appointed officials, as well as local municipal departments, to ensure that comprehensive policies, practices and safeguards are in place to prevent legal issues before they begin — which helps preserve community resources for more important uses.

Speak To A Land Use Planning Attorney

What to do with the vacant property, when to rezone an area, or whether to allow a new development can become contentious issues. Learn how we can help represent your legal interests.

Speak with an experienced Fitchburg municipal law attorney at Nickless, Phillips and O'Connor by calling us at 978-503-1482 or sending a message online.

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